1.banish: to send (someone or something) away

2.alight: full of light : lighted up

3.flop: to fall, lie, or sit down in a sudden, awkward, or relaxed way

4.ricochet: something (such as a bullet or stone) that ricochets off a surface

5.chandelier: a large, decorated light that hangs from a ceiling and has branches for holding many light bulbs or candles

6.foal: a young horse ; especially : a horse that is less than one year old

7.ringlet: a long curl of hair

8.chivvy : to move or obtain by small maneuvers

9.pimple: a small, red, swollen spot on the skin

10.goose bumps: small bumps on your skin that are caused by cold, fear, or a sudden feeling of excitement

11.pelt : to strike with a succession of blows or missiles 

12.murky: very dark or foggy

of a liquid : not clear

13.crude: very simple and basic : made or done in a way that does not show a lot of skill

14.algae: a plant or plantlike organism of any of several phyla, divisions, or classes of chiefly aquatic usually chlorophyll-containing nonvascular organisms of polyphyletic origin that usually include the green, yellow-green, brown, and red algae in the eukaryotes and especially formerly the cyanobacteria in the prokaryotes

15.loom: to appear in a large, strange, or frightening form often in a sudden way : to appear in an impressively large or great form

16.exasperate: to make (someone) very angry or annoyed

17.commiserate: to express sadness or sympathy for someone who has experienced something unpleasant

18.moral fiber

The inner strength to do what one believes to be right; often an ability to make difficult decisions.


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