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西班牙的整个10月都陷入了动乱:Carles Puigdemont先是宣布了加泰罗尼亚地区的独立,然后在面对长达30年的监禁之后流亡他所以寻求保护。最终巴塞罗那直接管控着加泰罗尼亚地区。但是已经有2000家企业将他们的总部从巴塞罗那和加泰罗尼亚搬走。要恢复元气的第一步是:承认两边都存在过错。

The whole October has been a total mess for Spain. First Carles Pyigdemont declared independence of Catalonia, then faced with the sentence of a 30-year prison, he flied into exile to seek protection. And in the end, Catalonia is now under the direct control of Barcelona. But already 2000 enterprises have moved the headquaters out of Barcelona and Catalonia. The first step to repair the damage is to recognise that there are grave faults on both sides.