16 Off to the Fair


fair:an outdoor event, at which there are large machines to ride on, games to play, and sometimes farm animals being judged and sold集市〔有大型可骑乘的游戏设施、各式游戏,有时还对牲畜进行评比并出售〕

baseball:n. 棒球;棒球运动

Navajo:['nævəhəu]n. 纳瓦霍人(美国最大的印第安部落)

deep freeze:n. 冷藏箱;冰箱;冷藏库

ribbon:n. 带;缎带

lug: v. [T ]to pull or carry something heavy with difficulty

scrub:[I,T] to rub something hard, especially with a stiff brush, in order to clean it

crust:n. [C,U ] a thin hard dry layer on the surface of something

smudge:n. [C ]a dirty mark;[+ of]•a smudge of lipstick on the cup 杯子上的口红印

parade:/pə'reɪd,pəˋred/[I always + adv/prep] to walk or march together to celebrate or protest about something

tease:/tiːz,tiz/ v.To tease someone means to laugh at them or make jokes about them in order to embarrass, annoy, or upset them.

racket:[singular,单数] informal a loud noise

spill: v. [I,T] if you spill a liquid, or if it spills, it accidentally flows over the edge of a container

trotter:n. [C ]〔用作食物的〕猪蹄; 小跑步的马

pacer: n. [C ]溜蹄的马; 经训练以特殊步态移动的马匹,特指赛马

trample:  v. [I always + adv/prep, T ] to step heavily on something, so that you crush it with your feet

infield: n. [singular 单数] 〔棒球场的〕内场,内野

cracker: 薄脆饼干〔常与干酪同吃〕

veritable: adj. [only before noun 仅用于名词前]a word used to emphasize a description of someone or something.  The area is a veritable paradise for those who love walking and swimming.

popsicle: /'pɑpsɪkl/ 冰棍[冰棒]

gnaw: /nɔ/v. [I,T always + adv/prep ]to keep biting something hard

cone:n. [C ]圆锥体

loot: n. [U ]战利品,掠夺物

booth: n. [C ] 〔市场或游乐场上的〕售货棚,摊位,摊档 a crafts booth 手工艺品摊位

high living: 奢侈(或豪华)的生活

wink: v.[I,T] to close and open one eye quickly to communicate something or show that something is a secret or joke  [+ at]•He winked mischievously at Erica. 他顽皮地朝埃丽卡眨了眨眼。

scamper: v. [I always + adv/prep ] to run with quick short steps, like a child or small animal

slat: n. [C ] a thin flat piece of wood, plastic etc, used especially in furniture

stowaway: n. [C ] 无票偷乘者,逃票者

tussle: n. [C ]a fight using a lot of energy, in which two people get hold of each other and struggle扭打,揪打

bewitch:v. [T usually passive 一般用被动态]1.to make someone feel so interested or attracted that they cannot think clearly使着迷,使心醉•Tim’s utterly bewitched by her. 蒂姆完全被她迷住了。2.to get control over someone by putting a magic spell on them施魔力于;使着魔

pummel: /'pʌml/ v. [T ] o hit someone or something many times quickly, especially using your fist s (= closed hands)反复猛击,〔尤指〕用双拳接连地捶打

buffet: /ˈbʌfɪt, ˈbʌfət,ˋbʌfət/v. [T usually passive 一般用被动态]if something, especially wind, rain, or the sea, buffets something, it hits it with a lot of force〔尤指风、雨或海浪〕猛烈袭击

lacerate:/'læsəret/v. [T ]to cut skin deeply with something sharp

biff: /bɪf,bɪf/ v.[T] old-fashioned,informal to hit someone hard with your fist

tailgate:n. [C ] 汽车后部的〕后背门,尾门

fade away:[I] to become weaker physically, especially so that you become very ill or die