Try new things and take risks

It is commonly believed that people who prefer to try all kinds of new things and take risks are more likely to succeed in their lives, than those who don't want to have a try and just do the things they are good at. I firmly support this idea for the following reasons.

First of all, people who are in favor of new things will make faster progress than those who don't want to try. There is an old word saying failure is the mother of success. If you don't want to have a try, you actually won't fail in your life, but you also will never succeed.. With the constant test, you will acquire valuable lessons, which will make a great contribution to your future success. Take myself for example. As a teacher of middle school. I often create some new methods of teaching. Sometimes I play with students and sometimes I tell a story.  I learned a lot of teaching skills in this course.

In addition, if you are positive and brave enough, you will grasp more opportunities than others who don't want to take the pressure of challenge. Just take ma Yun, for example, who is the manager of the company of Alibaba. A few years ago, he was just an ordinary person. But he had a great dream and he was very brave. With the help of his friends, he set up the company. He grasped the great chance of the internet development of China and acquired significant success in his business.

To conclude, only through trying new things and taking risks, can you make rapid progress and grasp more opportunities. Therefore, I strongly contend that we should get out of comfort space, adapt ourselves to new things and be open to new challenges.